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Arabian Horse Racing
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Arabian Horse Racing
arabian race horse trainer, United Arab Emirates

Arabian Horse Racing
arabian race horse trainer, United Arab Emirates
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In remembrance of His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan
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Nr. Name country races prize money
102118 Adelkhair, A UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 1 1.915,00 EUR
101383 Aghbash, A. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 8 29.733,70 EUR
101860 Al Alawi, H. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 63 288.263,16 EUR
100548 Al Darmaki, Mr Mohd. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 19 4.367,24 EUR
101507 Al Ghurair, S. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 12 1.922,69 EUR
101508 Al Hadhrami, I. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 20 14.249,75 EUR
101595 Al Hadhrami, I. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 2 2.659,72 EUR
102021 Al Hadhrami, I. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 1  
101522 Al Hajri, Fahad UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 2  
101985 Al Hammadi, Abdallah UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 49 154.327,70 EUR
101607 Al Hammadi, H UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 1  
101506 Al Hammadi, H. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 3 905,54 EUR
101497 Al Hammadi, M UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 9 2.551,97 EUR
101132 Al Jahouri, Mr M. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 127 599.410,85 EUR
101500 al Jahouri, M. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 2  
101599 Al Jahouri, M. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 6 12.447,50 EUR
100826 Al Jelanee, Mr Mustafa Salih UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 6  
100378 Al Ketbi, Mr Bakhit UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 97 51.137,63 EUR
101499 al Ketbi, M.A. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 26 18.283,92 EUR
101398 Al Ketbi, SAaem UNITED ARAB EMIRATES    
100372 Al Ketbi, Mr Salem UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 18 35.022,68 EUR
102024 Al Kindi, R. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 1  
100301 Al Kurdi, Mazin UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 89 393.012,00 EUR
100191 Al Kurdi, S UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 1 220,33 EUR
101986 Al Mazrouei, Saeed Hadher UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 12 110.133,74 EUR
101609 Al Mehairbi, A. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 8 26.980,22 EUR
102013 Al Mheiri, M. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 9 41.310,79 EUR
100648 Al Muhairi, Mr Musabah UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 90 363.661,61 EUR
101504 Al Neyadi, K. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 17  
100536 Al Raihe, Mr Ali Rashid UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 101 217.204,14 EUR
102122 Al Rayhi, A. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 5 338.167,63 EUR
101139 Al Shamsi, A. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 62 25.068,73 EUR
101509 Al Shamsi, M. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 11 4.939,29 EUR
102023 Al Shemeili, Ahmed UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 2  
101515 Al Tamimi, A.M. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 1  
102017 Aseel, I. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 3 34.044,44 EUR
102016 Bin Ghilan, Y. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 4  
100529 Bittar, Mr Jaber UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 137 239.444,73 EUR
100102 Carter, L. jr. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 9 83.340,77 EUR
100374 Carter Jr., Yancey UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 10 8.743,72 EUR
100279 Charpy, Mr Erwan UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 140 1.021.566,57 EUR
101859 Daraj, O. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 5  
100564 Deeb, Mr Saifaldin UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 132 639.553,50 EUR
100300 Frazier Jr., Mr James UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 45 76.974,74 EUR
101043 Gharib, M. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 16 27.564,45 EUR
101982 Jeanne, E. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 16 65.296,17 EUR
101137 Kettle, M. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 21 10.328,21 EUR
100828 Laird, Mr Alec UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 15 121.429,89 EUR
100955 Lemartinel, Mr Eric UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 316 8.394.811,39 EUR
100280 McLaughlin, Kiaran UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 21 298.126,81 EUR
101524 Mohammed, Adnan UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 1 493,93 EUR
101136 Mohammed, Mr O. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 28 7.584,45 EUR
101400 Rached, Charles UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 1  
101498 Rajhi, S UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 8 56.916,60 EUR
100952 Ramadan, Mr Mohammed UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 67 54.441,26 EUR
100379 Rudkin, Paddy UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 4 27.522,94 EUR
101921 Samiri, N. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 2 100.787,28 EUR
100093 Seemar, Mr Satish UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 176 590.798,61 EUR
100190 Selvaratnam, Aditiyan UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 7 8.645,53 EUR
100090 Selvaratnam, Dhruba UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 24 55.619,60 EUR
100565 Selvaratnam, Karthi UNITED ARAB EMIRATES    
100549 Simpson, Rod UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 61 453.350,02 EUR
100528 Watson, Mr Doug UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 162 943.977,57 EUR
100092 Wickham, Mrs. Jaci UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 80 94.289,68 EUR
Nr. Name country races prize money

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